Tug Boat - Petra G

Twin Screw Tug powered by two Detroit EnginesEdward G Tugboat - Glencoe Marine  - based at Port Tauranga

General information

Vessel Name: Petra G MSA Number 101785
Vessel Owner: Glencoe Marine Ltd
Home Port: Tauranga New Zealand

Vessel Details

Type of Ship: Passenger/Non Passenger
Construction: Steel Year Built: 1973
Designer and Builder: AG Price
Length: (OA) 12.37m
Powered by two engines: DETROIT 671 SERIES 2 STROKE
Beam (OA) 4.20m Drive Type Shaft
Colour Scheme: Hull Red Topsides Red
Deck: Green Cabin/Wheelhouse: Black and White

Areas of Operation

Inshore Limits: Northland, Auckland, Barrier, Bay of Plenty, Mahia and the sea area within the 12NM Territorial Limit
Around New Zealand between the Bay of Plenty Inshore Limit and the Mahia Inshore Limit.

Passenger Numbers

Enclosed Waters:15
Restricted Inshore:15
Inshore Limits: 15

Lifesaving appliances are provided for a total number: 15 persons