Tug Boat - Edward G

Edward G Tugboat - Glencoe Marine  - based at Port Tauranga

General information

Vessel Name: Edward G MSA Number 100130
Vessel Owner: Glencoe Marine Ltd
Home Port: Tauranga - New Zealand

Vessel Details

Type of Ship: Passenger/Non Passenger
Construction: Steel
Designer: TC Watson
Gross Tonnage: 25.91
Length: (OA) 14.75 Engine Power 310 hp
Colour Scheme:
Hull Red Topsides: Red Deck: Green
Cabin/Wheelhouse: Black and White

Areas of Operation

Limit: Type To Ply as Operating area
Inshore Limits: Passenger Northland, Auckland, Barrier, Bay of Plenty
Inshore Limits: Non Passenger Northland, Auckland, Barrier, Bay of PlentyCheck out the Petra G

Passenger Numbers

Enclosed Waters: 49
Restricted Inshore: 49
Inshore Limits: 49

Lifesaving appliances are provided for a total number: 53 persons