marine services

• Marine Project Management
• Wharf and Bridge Construction and Maintenance
• Pile Driving
• Diving and Surveying
• Commercial Diving and Underwater Photography
• Helicopter Services
• Marine Salvage
• Oil Spill Response Capability

We have a large network of resources and marine salvage equipment at our disposal.

Our experienced and highly trained personnel can quickly respond to most operations. Our vast network and proven successful record always inspires confidence and reliability.

NZ Helicopter Hire

An incredibly versatile, professional tool that is used frequently in the marine industry as a cost effective aerial solution.

Helicopters can be used in construction and airlifting, transport into remote inaccessible or difficult areas, marine salvage and marine
search and rescue.

Commercial Diving

Glencoe Marine Ltd has divers standing by to respond to any of your diving requirements. We undertake commercial diving for marine construction, damage assessment, underwater inspections, salvage, surveys, underwater photography and underwater videography.

Our divers are certified, holding all required documentation. Glencoe Marine Ltd is committed to ensuring divers follow all regulations and diving protocols.


Phone +64 7 552 4990 or +64 21 174 0687 +64 21 174 0687 or +64 7 552 4990